Your Papa

I always dreamed that I would be right here with you You and me Me and you Sitting side by side I am yours forever I’m your Papa It’s my absolute pleasure, not just my job To love love you now, And forever

Hope Forever

Live slow Love fast Never run straight Nor let time pass Love hard Never miss a thing Cry longer Fight harder, for each other Stay closer Work together Wish always Hope Forever

Bolting steel

Violent cracks of thunder Lighting concealed Winds of the highest magnitude When it enters the station silver bolting steel

A familiar recollection

I thought I had gotten to a place, right where I wanted to be Instead, I’m just here Where the hell is here I ask? I’m not really sure I want to know Guess I’ll just get to the next place And ask a similar question With an all too familiar recollection

The Monster Behind My Bedroom Door

A Short Story: I felt all of the air leave my bedroom. I shut my eyes the moment I heard his footsteps stomping up the last few stairs. I held my breath, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to hear me breathe. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, but I knew he was standing there…

A Fun Mess

I want whatever it is you’re drinkingI want to listen to whatever it is you listenI want all the love that you’re givingThink of the memories we could makeThe times we could haveOh, wouldn’t it be fun?I promise it wouldn’t be just oneHere we are years laterWondering what comes nextWhat, a fun mess we’ve made,Together