Never Underestimate The Power Of The SNOTSUCKER!

The NoseFrida SnotSucker has been a crucial piece of hardware in our house for years now. One of my kids is asthmatic and any head cold turns into a chest cold very quickly ,which leads to a whole mess of other issues. Bottom line it sucks.

This fairly inexpensive little thing truly is amazing. I recommend it to any parent with a child with a stuffed up nose.

One warning. The baby in this video is smiling and does not seem phased at all. This is not the usually case. My toddler runs for the hills when he sees this thing, but with some intense negotiations we get the job done. There will be some teary eyes and you’ll definitely need a whole lot of patience, but in the end they’ll sleep better at night and hopefully you will too.

I suggest for any parent with small children to go out and buy one and if you know any parents-to-be it’s a great gift.

You can buy the SnotSucker here on the Fridababy website for $15.99.


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