My feet used to fit into your tiny shoes

It’s true

I once was a baby just like you

My feet used to fit into your tiny shoes

Can you imagine?

I used to fight and cry to stay up late

I’d refuse to eat and make a hat of my plate

For me

I’m grown and I can never go back

I’ll only get older, weaker and fat

But you

You will get stronger and smarter

And persevere as the work gets harder

I know

It seems silly to think that I once was that small

You only know me now, big, furry and tall

It’s hard

For to me imagine being your size

But now I get to see life through your vibrant eyes

The best part is

I get to watch you figure things out

And repeat the not so good words that come out of my mouth

I get to hear you

Tell me about a new friend that you met today

And how much you love to go out and play

Thanks to you

I get to experience life during a time I cannot recall

Like the first time I ate horseradish or drew on a wall

In a sense

I get to live my life over again from the very start

But this time with you which is clearly the best part


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