Making Homemade Bread Using Pamela’s Gluten-free/Non-dairy Mix

Step 1: Pour Pamela’s Gluten-free/Non-dairy Bread Mix into Cuisinart bread maker

Step 2: Pour Yeast Packet and additional ingredients (water, oil, eggs) into bread maker.

Step 3: Set Bread Maker to Gluten-free bread setting.

Step 4: When finished, open door and let cool. 

Step 5: Once baking pan has cooled, using a pot holder lift pan out of machine. As you can see, this model has a handle but it is metal so be careful that it is not too hot. 

Step 6: Let Bread cool on rack used to cool cookies. Bread is ready to cut when it is cool to touch and firm. 

Step 7: Cut and enjoy!


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