By: Andrew Sarno

No real reason why I’m here

But I am

So this is life

Waves drape over me 

Take the smallest part of me with them

First I was rough


Hurt you when you brushed up against me

My jagged edges are pared away

I become smooth

More defined and polished

Yet less like my original self

People know who I used to be

Respect me for who I am now

Admire me for my polished edges and beauty

I look less and less like my old self as;

Water keeps washing over me

And washing over me

And washing over me

Cracks start to form

Fragments of me are taken away

I’ve lost pieces of myself

I’ve become hard to recognize

Most people don’t know who I am

They have no idea who I used to be

I’m driftwood

Weathered and worn

Tattered and deformed

Trying to be more like myself

But I don’t know who I am 

Or who I used to be

I’ve long forgotten

I’m driftwood

Photo By:
By Walter Siegmund (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons