Have A Drink With Me

Have a drink with me

And tell me who you really are

Tell me things

You haven’t thought about

Or considered

And you may have even tried to block out

Have a drink with me, and;

Please reconsider

And share with me some of your fondest memories

So that;

Maybe, just maybe, you would agree

And share with me what it is you hold inside

The feelings you’ve kept and tried to hide

Who are you really?

At times I don’t think I really know

I’ve seen you all my life but I still don’t know you

Unless you share

What makes you, you

Have a drink with me, and;

I hope that you can share with me

Because I want to know so many things

Why you did the things you did

Both big and small

Bad and good

I feel like if I knew these things

I could at least understand

Where you’re coming from

What makes you the man you are

Have a drink with me, because;

You’re a part of me whether I like it or not

Both nature and nurture

You’re all mixed inside

A part of me I sometimes try and hide

Because I want to be my own

I want to stand on my own

But I know I’ve got you with me for life

Even after you’re no longer in my life

So have a drink with me

And help me to understand

Who you are and;

Who I am

Photo by: Butterbean

Warren Donnos


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