Our Triangular Wooden Fortress

Blue moonlight piercing the night

Kids wrapped in sleeping bags, restless with fright

A cold damp floor, our beds, suspended in space

A triangular shaped treehouse, not the typical square shape

Easier to spot invaders, that would never appear

Endless silly stories told to hide our inner most fears

Armed with wooden swords, and sharpened sticks

Rustling leaves, most likely birds;

left us scared out of our wits

No one would dare to chicken out

To be called a coward was never a way out

Waking up scared throughout the night

“What was that?” I’d say with fright

“Nothing!” he’d say with a devilish delight

Woken up early by a giant flaming orb

The light of the bluest sky, more than my eyes could absorb

Sword still by my side, unused it remained

My cousin up stretching, looking down at our domain

We survived the night, with stories to tell

The next morning beaming with pride, and no one fell

Though only to be done the once,

our adventure in the trees

Memories that come to mind,

while watching trees being tickled by the breeze


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