Our Final Resting Place

As I stand in front of this dark weathered stone
I so wish that I could take you home
I can feel you surround my forsaken heart
Managing this pain truly is an art
My hands are shaking
My knees are weak
My chest is tight
My soul is full, I cannot breathe
Patsy, I wish that you could hear me now
I’ve carried this pain for some time now
I’ve kept it deep inside for far too long
It’s all out for this moment, which won’t last long
I can no longer hide my pain inside
The pain that I’ve tried so hard to hide
I know that I can’t change things now
Though I wish that there was some way how
I’ve prayed and I’ve pleaded to My Dear God
I’ve tried to explain how it’s so damn hard
Faith and patience is what I’m told
But lately, I’ve been feeling so terribly old
I’ve lived my life longer without you than I have
Leaving much to be desired, it’s been quite sad
For now, all I have is this sacred ground
With rocks and dirt, scattered all around
My grandson, our grandson,
He stands behind me, uncertain,
while he sees this untold side of me
I cannot hide it, it’s too much to take
Every night,
I pray the Lord my soul to take
Wondering when I can see you again
Embraced in your arms, my dear old friend
We’ll pick up right where we last left off
And all the pain will be washed off
Showered by your love
Your warm embrace
Together again,
in Our Resting place


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