Our Final Resting Place

As I stand in front of this dark weathered stone I so wish that I could take you home I can feel you surround my forsaken heart Managing this pain truly is an art My hands are shaking My knees are weak My chest is tight My soul is full, I cannot breathe Patsy, I … Continue reading Our Final Resting Place


Our Triangular Wooden Fortress

Blue moonlight piercing the night Kids wrapped in sleeping bags, restless with fright A cold damp floor, our beds, suspended in space A triangular shaped treehouse, not the typical square shape Easier to spot invaders, that would never appear Endless silly stories told to hide our inner most fears Armed with wooden swords, and sharpened … Continue reading Our Triangular Wooden Fortress

My Final Farewell To Toys “R” Us

Originally Posted On Twitter Thread (minimal editing): I went to ToysRus today to check out the sales. The store was like I had never felt it before. There were the usual kids running around. Parents were pulling their hair our, but overall it was just different. There was a somber feeling throughout the store. Employees … Continue reading My Final Farewell To Toys “R” Us

Growing Up Italian: Saint Anthony, Give Me Strength!

Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas While reflecting on my childhood, it dawned on me that St. Anthony played a big part in my life, without me even really knowing it. First of all, I would like to start out by saying that I’m of Italian descent. St. Anthony is a very important Saint to Italians, … Continue reading Growing Up Italian: Saint Anthony, Give Me Strength!