Immortalized by each and every line

Immortalized by these lines Transcending both space and time I put my life into these rhymes To share my story, I felt inclined A connection with others I often pined I long to hear you opine And share your story, for this is mine To better comprehend humankind We are all made by nature's design … Continue reading Immortalized by each and every line


Time, our most valuable resource

We humans set up rigid lines Rigid times To be in control, I can't decide Life happens when it wants to In due time It ends when it wants to Often no with rhyme Life grows until it can no longer survive Not held by a perimeter Or deterred by a guide Control, a lie … Continue reading Time, our most valuable resource

forward moving, backwards thinking

Running, With no destination it appears Forward moving Backwards thinking Start to unwind Miss the last spot Though, Focused on the next One foot already in the door Outside, The rest Too scared to go inside But mind's already there Knowing good well Hell, I belong here!