How do we reconcile, for the loss of a child For a life to be reduced, to a stain in the street Hope dashed Souls crushed Emptiness Defeat To protect all of our children Is our first, and most important job And to never let lives be lost, by a gun or a speeding car…

The Definition Of Insanity

I hold this dime in my hand Wishing, that it was a dollar Looking down at my fist I squeeze it even tighter The dime, buried deeply in my palm I’m hoping even harder To my surprise, nothing happens Other than, the dime becomes hot, again I close my eyes now With all my strength…

Morning Commute

Crowded train Someone coughing Kid crying Lady sighing High school kids A roar of laugher Beaming with energy Side eye stares By grown folks Completely drained Dreams dashed Their commute remains A cautionary tale, of things to come A fate to avoid For the young

The Pencil Is Mightier Than The Pen

The pencil is mightier than the pen Because; like life, the pencil is made for mistakes The pen does not allow for mishaps Although, it never breaks The pencil can be rendered useless When too much pressure is applied Although, changes cannot be made Once the ink has dried The pen is used for signatures…

Oh So Brooklyn: The Stoop!

The Stoop Base for tag Safe space Our place Familiar faces Your stoop or mine? Made no difference All the same Home plate Skinned knees Fun games Junk food Our conversation place Kisses Growing up Summer nights Yellow street lights A blackout Sun’s warmth remained Our place Our space The Stoop

Thoughts of you = Joy

​You once walked with me Now, only in thoughts, you stay I walk,             your thought,                                    Joy

a cold cup of coffee

​i hold in my hand A cold cup of coffee Which once was hot,  on this bitter day I watch as the frigid air pulls the heat away Steam twirling and swirling from my cup Being battered by cold winds Hands keeping warm with a tight clutch around my cup, of now, barely warm coffee Dry…

Inspire Positivity

If you read negativity  It’ll breed negativity  If you read positivity It’ll inspire creativity If you speak negatively It’ll hamper individualality If you hear positivity It’ll boost your ability Read, speak, inspire… Positivity 


With all the noise it’s hard to think straight When was last time I just sat to contemplate? Staring at a phone instead of up at the sky To look up is to look within  I’m forced to think Space is forever, but my universe is not It’s time to push the noise out; Think…


By: Andrew Sarno No real reason why I’m here But I am So this is life Waves drape over me  Take the smallest part of me with them First I was rough Unrefined Hurt you when you brushed up against me My jagged edges are pared away I become smooth More defined and polished Yet…