to mend the broken hearted

It's easier to mend the broken hearted The pain was there before you started The hardest pain that won't subside Impending pain carried deep inside Even while they keep composure Their fractured heart is turning over The magnitude of sadness will be revealed Witnessing the pain their body attempts to conceal Be there, Be there, … Continue reading to mend the broken hearted


Immortalized by each and every line

Immortalized by these lines Transcending both space and time I put my life into these rhymes To share my story, I felt inclined A connection with others I often pined I long to hear you opine And share your story, for this is mine To better comprehend humankind We are all made by nature's design … Continue reading Immortalized by each and every line

The illusion of choice

A path chosen The illusion of choice A deep groove carved into ancient stone Trajectory is instilled Choice remains, though left to the individual To remain inert, or to fashion the valley An unabating force A lineage of paths Leading to actuality