A Young Man’s Despair

I met a young man today, while riding the train

He was clearly agitated and riddled with pain

Loudly rapping to himself, seated at first

He jumped up and walked beside me with a deliberate burst

A young man ignored,

just wanting to be heard

People looking in horror

Their distance growing larger

He told me he got locked up drinking

I knew what he meant

He opened the door to his mind, and let me to peer in

Ever so slightly, I gazed inside,

willing to listen to the troubles, he no longer could hide

He told me he missed his car,

he hates taking the train

He grew more upset as be continued to complain

Anger and frustration tightened his skin

As he opened his heart, and he talked from within

Holding his stomach, he was in some sort of pain

Hunger, fear, anxiety and anger,

all one in the same

Being around all of these people, he said, bothered him most

Though, not being in control, was the thing he feared most

Filled with indignation, he allowed me inside

Quelling his fear, his inability to hide

Anger and spit, left his lips as he raged

Arms flailing, hands shaking,

the train was a cage

Limited in my response, our conversation carried on

Though righteous in his cause,

not given a stage to inform

Who truly ever listenes to this boy?

Instead, they shy away,

repulsed as they walk by

An unlit cigarette in his right hand for comfort

Counting the seconds above, to blow off this discomfort

A broken front tooth realeved when he spoke

A broken bag, sneakers, and dirty clothes

Eye contact was scarce as he spit line after line

I could only see a glimpe, one trouble at a time

Anger he clearly holds deep inside

Drained of hope,

a sad story told by his eyes

I wanted to ask what was the cause of such strife

But I was terrified of the picture he’d paint,

His Life

He angrily walked off as we both parted ways

Neither of us spoke as we exited the train

I looked over,

not a sign of him remained

I could see people relieved after he exited the train

I wondered where he was going

I hoped someone would care

And at least just listen,

to this poor boy’s dispair